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The Body, Birth and Baby Center is here to support families through preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and into parenthood.

We are top-tier providers in perinatal care in Loudoun County all in one space. The Body, Birth and Baby Center offers Massage Therapy, HypnoBirthing Classes, Midwifery Care, Lactation Support, Wellness Skincare, Yoga, Chiropractic Care, Postpartum Workshops, Meet the Doulas, social events and so much more!
Our mission is to support families through this very transformational time in life.  Not only giving them the best care possible but helping them build friendships with others going through the same phase of life.  We are bringing high quality care and community together.
Typically you have to seek out these types of services individually but now families can find them in one place, feeling the cohesiveness of care and support. We are excited to share this one of a kind business with Loudoun County.


“Thank you so much for your class and for what you do. You are an incredible HypnoBirthing instructor. I was already a huge advocate but after our birth experience I am screaming HypnoBirthing from the mountain tops.”

”Caroline is a Northern Virginia gem!  Her knowledge of and skill for perinatal bodywork is unmatched.  Caroline not only worked out awful knots in my back but she also relieved unwanted tension.  As I neared my due date she worked on my pressure points to help activate areas of my body associated with labor.  Bodywork aside, I’d pay just for the peace I feel after a massage with her.”

”We attended Caroline's HypnoBirthing classes while preparing for our second baby. We only wish we had found Caroline sooner for our first! Her class was fantastic and gave me the tools to have the best birth experience I could have hoped for. I also saw Caroline for a prenatal massage, it was such a relief and exactly what I needed to prep for labor. Everything that the Body, Birth, and Baby center has to offer is an amazing addition to our community for expecting parents and families.”

”Prenatal massages were a must for me. I felt it was one of the best ways to support my body and my mind during the pregnancy journey. I feel so lucky to have found Caroline on Instagram. I visited a couple other places early on that advertised prenatal massages but you could tell it wasn't something they did regularly or were particularly skilled in—it was more of an add-on. Caroline, on the other hand, SPECIALIZES in this service and she truly has healing hands. Your body is working hard to grow a deserves a visit with her!”

”The entire team at The Body, Birth and Baby Center is knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. It is a wonderful community of professionals who have come together to make the entire journey of parenthood a supportive and happy path to walk.” 


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