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Thank you for supporting our LCPS teachers

I wanted to start this page to help our Loudoun County teachers with school supplies, and for parents who would like to make donations to our teachers.

Our Sponsors

We are excited to now have a storage space for all the supplies, which wouldn't be possible without the help of our current sponsors.


Our Story

I first started this page about 5 years ago, the purpose of this page was to help gather school supplies for our Loudoun county teachers and for parents who would like to help our teachers by donating supplies.


I strongly agree that our teachers shouldn’t use their own money to purchase basic supplies for their own classroom.


Meet The Founder



Teachers: Contact HELP Us Teach to ask for school supplies you need during the school year. Teachers may also put in a special request for items they need.


Parents: We ask you to please donate items throughout the school year. We will also post items that are needed for teachers.

We understand parents help so much by buying items for the beginning of each school year. But please remember things run out very quickly, and teachers need a lot more items than what you see on the school supply list.


Remember when our kids bring us all those amazing mother’s day gifts and Christmas decorations, those are all bought by our teachers.

Yes of course all these items are tax-deductible, but they can only deduct $250, Why have them worry about buying items and saving receipts when we can help?


Every school is different, one school might get more help than the other school.


LCPS currently has 59 elementary schools

Loudoun County currently has 17 middle schools.

Loudoun County has 17 high schools.


How you can help.

A huge thank you to our community for your generosity, your support has been absolutely incredible, this is JUST the beginning, our goal is to be a year around support for them and be a store for all their classroom needs.