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Tell everyone about your business and current offers with us by reserving a

Go live with Roxce in the Real Ladies of Loudoun County Facebook Group! A Facebook live is great exposure for your business. With an audience of over 35,000+ members, we are monitoring our peak times for postings and engagements.  Using this data, we are giving you the best times to interact with our members and grow your business. Answer questions live and tell our members about your amazing offerings. 

Reserve Your RLOLC Feature

  • Go Live! with Roxce on our RLOLC Facebook

    100 US dollars
  • Pinned in the RLOLC Facebook Group for 48 hours

    350 US dollars
  • Let us create a post for you on our Facebook platform

    100 US dollars
  • Let us create a story for you on our Facebook Platform!

    50 US dollars


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