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Contact Information:

43750 Central Station Dr.

Suite 165

Ashburn, VA 20147


Owners: Patti Franklin

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Special Offers

First class free or $39 Intro week- Unlimited classes!


Founded by Patti Franklin and Erin Long, in 2017, with their lifelong passion for health and wellness.
Pulse Inferno is a game changer in how people pursue fitness. We are taking a different approach that will not only change people's bodies physically, through our innovative classes, but mentally and emotionally.  We are results driven with a positive outlook, and we believe our members can do anything they put their minds to. We offer heated and non-heated fitness classes, as well as semi-private personal training AND Pole Fitness!

"It was a great workout and fun. Loved the instructor Jami!" 
Caroline D.
"Great classes, challenging but fun!"
Jen P.
"Great morning workout! You can feel your muscles burn even using light weights and focusing on your moves."
Abi. L
"Patti’s classes are always an awesome workout! I leave feeling strong and energized."
Kavietha P.
"Challenging in all the best ways!"
Anne S.

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