Special Offers

  • First class is always FREE

  • Into: First Two Weeks - $79 (new clients only)

This is a great way to try and experience all three rooms and 70+ weekly class offerings. Our small group personal training class (HEAT45), normally only offered to unlimited members, is included with this offer! Get ready, it's time to get sweaty.

  • Student Savings 

Student pricing only $99/month with a valid school ID


Pulse Inferno likes to switch it up and is always adding fun events and feature classes. Check online to see what new, exciting formats are heating up Loudoun Station!

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Contact Information:

43750 Central Station Dr.

Suite 165

Ashburn, VA 20147


Owners: Patti Franklin and Erin Long





Pulse Inferno Bio


Founded by Patti Franklin and Erin Long, in 2017, with their lifelong passion for health and wellness.


Patti Franklin has a BSN from Widener University and worked as an RN for 15 years. Having always done competitive sports and looking for something to motivate her to get back into shape after having children she started competing in fitness competitions. Eighteen years and a lot of competitions later, she is co-owner of Pulse Inferno. Patti retired from nursing and opened a World’s Gym in 2001. After moving from that area and selling that gym she worked as the Fitness Director at a Sport & Health. Patti’s passion is working in the health and fitness field and owning and operating Pulse Inferno gives her the opportunity to do what she loves, while helping others achieve their goals. Fun Fact: she was a competitor on NBC’s American Gladiators in 2008!


Erin Long has been an instructor for over 8 years. She has a love for anything high intensity and if you can add weights even better. As a certified Group Fitness Instructor, her favorite class to teach is HIIT. She also teaches Pilates, barre, boot camp, and strength. Erin loves teaching and giving members that extra push. She believes that "You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face."


“Pulse Inferno will be a game changer in how people pursue fitness.  We are taking a different approach that will not only change people's bodies physically through our innovative classes but mentally and emotionally,” explains Patti and Erin. “We are results driven with a positive outlook, and we believe our members can do anything they put their minds to." 


Check out the good vibes we deliver every day at Pulse Inferno:

    • Beautiful brand new facility with 3 studio rooms, showers and lockers.

    • In-body machine and testing for all members

    • Signature 80/20 nutrition program

    • Free Coffee and Barre snacks

    • Signature 80/20 nutrition program

    • Top of the line and safest heated studio room in Loudoun courtesy of our “Hot Tower” ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) heating system which controls, filters and monitors humidity, heat, moisture and CO2 levels in the room.

    • Complimentary towels and cold lavender towels after heated classes

    • Morning and evening childcare available

    • Specialized workshops throughout the year

    • Member referral program

    • Special events: Dance classes, Glow Yoga, Remix Classes, Open Houses, Fitness Challenges, Puppies & Yoga, Charity events, special sales throughout the year

    • Customized membership packages and class packs available to fit all your workout needs

    • Heated fitness classes: Barre, Yoga (Slow Flow and Vinyasa Flow), Barre, Pilates, Burnout (just weights), Core & Booty, Kickboxing, Fusion (Yoga, Pilates and Barre combo)

    • Non-heated classes: Deep stretch and suspension

    • HEAT 45 (High Energy Athletic Training) class – a specialized Personal Training Class that incorporates metabolic conditioning and muscle confusion

    • Amenities: shampoo/conditioner/body wash/hair bands/deodorant/hair dryer

    • Pulse Inferno Spotify account so you can check and share our playlists

    • Private personal training and private sessions

    • Private parties and kid’s birthday parties

    • Personalized app so you can easily sign up for classes

    • Water and FitAids available for purchase

    • Inferno wear clothing line available for purchase

    • Loudoun County’s best certified instructors who provide unique and motivating classes. No pre-formatted classes here!

    • Fabulous community of hard working, fun and inclusive members


The Benefits of getting “Hot” with us:

  • Increases the body temperature which stimulates T-cells and helps boosts your immune system.

  • Ensures your body warms up faster which in turn increases full body flexibility and helps prevent injury.

  • Improves sleep pattern by increasing the activation of the parasympathetic system which helps your body and brain to relax enough to allow good sleep to be restored.

  • Increases metabolic rate and assists in weight loss and fat burning.

  • Increases sweat production which helps eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body during day-to-day life.

  • Increases blood circulation thus promoting healthy skin tone and texture.

  • Increases lung capacity and endurance.

  • Creates discipline in your workouts - pushing through when you are uncomfortable and finding comfort in discomfort - if you can overcome a challenging workout - you can translate that over to your life off the mat.

  • Creates a challenging environment where you strengthen your willpower, determination, and perseverance.

  • You will leave feeling “Hotter” than ever!