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May Ortiz Designs (MOD) is a small, one-person “studio,” run by me, May Ortiz! I founded MOD in 2016 as a small freelance graphic design company and worked with a handful of local clients on small-scale projects. Since then, I’ve continued my fine arts studies and I’ve been able to expand my services to include web design, marketing, branding, brand photography, and more. Over the last two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients from all over the world which has taught me an invaluable lesson and that is that every great brand begins with an even better designer. In a world where there are hundreds of businesses offering the same service(s), you need to stand out from the crowd & that is where I come in. Through my modern and simplistic design approach inspired by strong typography, clean details, and functionality, I will take your brand to the next level to help get you your dream clients.

Contact Information:

May Ortiz Phone number: 7035074543

Email: May@honeybeedesignstudio

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