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Contact Information:

 19415 Deerfield Ave., Suite 307 Lansdowne, VA 20176

(703) 729-0505 


Dr. Suzanne Nixon has expert training in counseling, psychotherapy, education, energy medicine, lifestyle wellness and integrative health coaching spanning 35 years, Dr. Nixon’s embraces an Integrative Behavioral Health framework in the treatment and care of individuals, couples and families.

Her academic training in education (Boston University, M.Ed.) and counseling (Virginia Tech, EdD), provided her with a solid foundation in a multitude of counseling theories including psychodynamic, humanistic, reality therapy, family systems and transpersonal. Dr. Nixon pursued advanced training and earned professional certifications in Gestalt Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and training in Post Induction Therapy (a trauma method/approach) with Pia Mellody.


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