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Contact Information:

 Denise Acosta



The galleria started as an afternoon at the house experimenting with just how difficult it was to make cupcakes from scratch. What started as a basic box chocolate cake with store bought vanilla icing started becoming pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from scratch. Today we can put together almost any sweets craving flavor into a delicious cupcake from scratch. Are you obsessed with S'mores? Let us make that into a cupcake for you :)


I specialize in custom orders or more specifically, custom cravings! Is your favorite candy bar a Butterfingers? I've got a cupcake that's basically the same thing that I know you'll love. My cupcakes are made at home from scratch using natural ingredients. You can rest assure that these little cakes do not have added chemicals or artificial flavoring. They're just sweet and simple. These cupcakes aren't for the average hipster looking to sit at a cupcake shop, though. These are for those wanting just a little bit more out of a cupcake. These are for those who want to live deliciously!"


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