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Contact Information:

Ilya V. Lobanenkov

Head Coach and Founder

240 424 0749


Our fencing programs introduce the Ashburn, Sterling, Reston and other North Virginia/Loudoun County area students to the many benefits of this Olympic sport. Beyond the fitness benefits, fencing promotes intellectual development, decision making skills, self discipline and confidence. All taught in a safe, supportive environment.

Our focus is Epee fencing: the modern evolution of the rapier duel, where we can guide you from a complete beginner to international medals and college admissions.  Epee fencing is the most straight forward of the three Olympic fencing disciplines where the opponent’s whole body is the target. There is no right of way rules in Epee which makes score keeping simple and clear. 

Learn the Olympic sport of swords and join us for a fun workout, fencing and new friendships!

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