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Angelica Vergel de Dios

Leesburg, VA


 Luxury Sparks Jewelry, LLC offers permanent jewelry with your choice of 14K solid gold, 14K gold filled or sterling silver chains that are sealed with a spark! It’s customized jewelry that you can get with a best friend or family member as an upgraded friendship bracelet, necklace and/or anklet. Find us at pop up events at various locations in the DMV or book a private party with your closest friends!


 I attended a pop-up event at the farmers market. I am so impressed with the different styles and chain metals they had available. The whole process was efficient and they really took time to make sure you were happy with the selection and fit. Great local couple to support and I am actually schedule to add to my stack later this month. check them out at one of their future events! -Anne Striker

Love love love my permanent bracelet! I'd been toying with the idea of getting one for a few weeks when I ran into Luxury Sparks Jewelry at a local event I stopped at by happenstance, and it seemed like fate. The welding was safe, and instantaneous, and I'm shocked at how durable this little gold-filled bracelet has been. I'm not the most graceful person in the world, and I frequently lap swim in the pool, but despite all that, it is still looking shiny and fresh!

-Francesca Blom

The entire experience of getting my necklace and bracelet was amazing. Angelica and Adam were extremely friendly and helpful. I’m so excited to get more jewelry from them! My new jewelry is so convenient, dainty, and beautiful! -Patricia Razo/The process from start to finish was so easy and Angelica was extremely helpful in providing advice on making the best decision for how I wanted the bracelet to fit. I would get another piece of jewelry from them again in a heartbeat! -Elizabeth Susko

I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable the Luxury Sparks team is! They took my lifestyle into consideration to ensure my bracelet wouldn’t get caught on anything. I work with animals so I’m always really cautious with jewelry. I had mentioned I was interested in getting a charm but they informed me that adding a charm weakens the weld and the bracelet may break so they don’t offer charms. I really admire the fact that they really care about what you’re doing to ensure a long lasting product. I’m so happy with my bracelet and I’m really grateful for the thought and care that they have put into this. I cannot recommend them enough!


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