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Ashburn, VA

Special Offer

Now through December 15th Get $500 off when you start your Growing Healthy Faces program or $100 off of your unscheduled restorative treatment! 

Help us celebrate 22 years of turning childhood memories into healthy lifestyles!


Dr. Lynda Dean-Duru and Dr. Krystle Dean-Duru are leaders in pediatric dentistry utilizing gentle lasers and other advanced technologies in an integrative approach to oral health that addresses the root cause of many developmental health concerns that affect long-lasting success. This includes the earliest developments in successful breastfeeding, speech, and mobility.

We help anxious and overwhelmed moms who are having trouble breastfeeding to finally figure it out, so they can provide for their child and be the mom they really want to be. Delivering care in a playful and loving environment where both children and parents feel appreciated by our well-trained team.

Ashburn Children's Dentistry believes that every kid deserves an amazing smile that instills confidence while setting them up for long-lasting health. Unlike conventional dentistry practices, we go beyond standard fillings and orthodontic work, and look for the story the teeth tell us about your child’s health, using an integrative approach to address the root cause of issues that can lead to a multitude of developmental health concerns.

We educate and collaborate with our families in a health plan that focuses on prevention and conservative actions that prioritize your child's health at each stage of development by Growing Healthy Faces™ and developing optimal airways and breathing patterns as early as possible.

Ashburn Children's Dentistry is Where Childhood Memories Are Turned into Healthy Lifestyles—All Aboard for Healthy Smiles!


I have an extremely anxious 6 year old who has had difficult dental experiences in the past. However, we had a dental emergency that required an extraction and a filling. We were offered a same day appointment. During the exam and procedure, Dr. Krystal took the time to comfort my daughter and explain the process. Dr. Krystal even sang a song while she preformed the entire procedure. The song relaxed my daughter and me (the anxious mother). My daughter can not stop talking about the experience and says that she only wants go to that dentist. I can not say enough about the care and attention Dr. Duru and Dr. Krystal provide their patients. It is truly remarkable. -Kimberly J.

Dr.Lynda is beyond amazing. I brought my 5 week old baby girl to her for a lip & tongue tie revision. From the time me and my family walked through the door we were treated with amazing customer service. The staff is super friendly and welcoming. Dr.Lynda made us feel so comfortable and at ease with the procedure we had to get done for my baby girl. I never let my baby out of my sight and I was more than comfortable letting Dr.Lynda and her staff take her back without us to perform the revision. The first night after the procedure my baby girl had troubles latching and was very fussy. Just when I was becoming overwhelmed Dr.Lynda personally text me to assure me it was normal and to “hang in there”. Her personal text made me feel at ease and helped me to calm down to get baby girl to latch. I would recommend any and everyone to seek dental care by Dr.Lynda and her staff. -Kash Barb

Dr Lynda is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate medical professionals I have met.  My child needed a lot of work (lip/tongue frenectomies and crowns) and the staff laid out the treatment plan and Dr Lynda explained the process as many times as needed for us as parents to be comfortable.  She wasn't looking at the clock or making you feel rushed.  
One of the most refreshing and surprising things Dr Lynda did was personally call and follow up after the surgery inquiring about my son and offering additional advice.  We had several follow up conversations afterwards and she took time out of her busy schedule to share her knowledge and past experiences.
Within a week or so of my son recovering, his verbal fluidity started becoming noticeably better and he isn't as frustrated trying to pronounce new words.  I didn't realize the impact of the tongue tie on my child's speech development and quite likely other issues such as jaw and mouth function.  He isn't nearly as hyperactive as before and I believe it's due to better sleep as he isn't mouth breathing at night.
I found a great dentist and will continue to take my kids to see her as long as I'm in the area. - Ahmed A.



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