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 First 20 mins free consultation on any issue if mention this group. CODE: RLOLC

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Contact Information:

Zinicola Blanch Overand & Hart PLLC

4085 Chain Bridge Road

Suite 302

Fairfax, VA 22030

Tel: 703.934.8580





We have spent our legal careers defending people charged with Criminal and Traffic offenses in Northern Virginia, as well as helping with domestic issues such as custody, protective orders, and issues relating to domestic violence. We have built our practice and our reputations on the belief that everyone is entitled to a quality defense and representation from an experienced lawyer they trust and respect. In an age where the practice of law has all too often become a business based on attracting a high volume of clients, we still believe that relationships and client satisfaction are the core of our profession.  We strive to tailor our advice and treat each client based on their individual needs.


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