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P.O. Box 133

Leesburg, VA  20178


 A woman-owned business providing services for over 15 years, Sterling Investigations works with citizens, businesses, lawyers, public officials, law enforcement, health professionals, guardians ad litem, and victim advocates, in both civil and criminal matters on both local and Federal levels.


Sterling Investigations has participated and/or testified in noteworthy cases for both Plaintiffs and Defendants, including homicide, malicious wounding, drug offenses, DUI, sexual harassment/assault, crimes against children, computer pornography, computer and cell phone data analysis and recapture, crime scene and accident scene photography, and white collar crime, as well as divorce, child custody, identity theft, personal injury, missing persons, and copyright and patent infringement, among many others.

In addition, Sterling Investigations has over 25 years of hardware and software computer experience and technical expertise.

 Area native *  Professional * Discreet * Reliable * Trustworthy

Court Appointed Cases Welcome

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services License Number:  11-4379


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