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Special offers

Our discount is  for all school staff.  $1,500 Back in your pocket or for the school of your choice!

Angie A. Tanner, Realtors® for Educators!

(571) 599-6264

1507 Dodona Terrace SE Suite 100 , Leesburg, VA 20175

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Angie -

My first year out of college, I landed my dream job - teaching inner city children in Washington DC. I wanted to experience life in the city so I shared a 1 bedroom basement apartment with a college friend. After a few months in our rental, my roommate said she was going to buy a little condo. I thought, if she can buy a home, so can I. Knowing nothing about buying a house, I called her real estate agent. Thankfully, the realtor was very experienced and guided me through the process. Since I was a teacher, I qualified for a no money down program and only had to pay a few thousand dollars in closing costs.


My first home was a few blocks behind the Capitol. I was so proud of my 2 bedroom, 3 level townhome! I bought it for $150K and my payments were not much more than the rent I was paying. A year later, life changed and I sold my home for $250k. It was amazing! I paid off all my student loans and had a solid down payment for my next home. After 5 years of teaching, I decided to change careers from teaching and become a full-time Realtor. I believe in helping teachers and school staff build this same kind of wealth with real estate that I did.


Teachers’ Home Benefits began organically as I became very active in my childrens’ schools. Staff members knew I was a Realtor so they began approaching me time and time again, looking for advice on buying and selling homes. It was here that I began to combine my passion for real estate with my love for education. Thus, Teachers’ Home Benefits was conceived. I have since spent countless hours reaching out to and building relationships with local businesses to find grants and discounts for school staff to help purchase a home. Additionally, my experience and knowledge of the local market has made me invaluable to sellers as well.


I am driven by my desire to give back and personally give cash back to school staff. My goal is to educate and empower my clients. I want to provide them with information to help them make informed decisions.  My mission is to give back to school teachers and employees in Northern Virginia by providing real estate incentives, vendor discounts, and other resources that save them time, money, and stress.



My vision is to make home ownership affordable to educators and school staff in Northern Virginia so that they may become more integral parts of the communities in which they work.

I will educate and guide teachers through the entire home buying and selling process. I will negotiate for teachers at every step in the process and I use proven strategies to help navigate the home buying and selling process. I help renters prepare to make their first purchase by counseling them on best practices to buy. From beginning to end, I have tailor-made this program to fit the needs of school employees in today’s competitive housing market.


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