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She’s too shy to try. Can a glimpse into the future give her the courage she craves?


Enna isn’t a queen of confidence. Struggling to believe in herself, the young girl is certain she doesn’t have what it takes to read during bedtime. But when she finally falls asleep, she’s greeted by a wonderful woman who’s incredibly familiar…


As the journey across her dreamscape shows her potential versions of herself, Enna is amazed at everything she’s learned how to do. But she knows all that growth won’t come free – it will take time, knowledge, and dedication.


Can Enna learn to tackle challenges with a smile?


In this indispensable tool for battling gender stereotypes and other hardships, author Esther Pia Cordova reveals mentalities that can hold kids of all kinds back. And by dismantling unhealthy thought processes, she encourages a bold new approach to living life to the fullest.


I Can’t Do That, YET is the inspiring first story in the Growth Mindset children’s picture book series. If you or your child like motivational fun, reworking negative patterns, and gorgeous visual learning, then you’ll love Esther Pia Cordova’s step forward.


Buy I Can’t Do That, YET to stand taller today!

I Can't Do That, YET: Growth Mindset (Growth Mindset Book Series)

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