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Hello, I am Zaina, wife to Peter, mother to Anaya & Nyala, daughter, sister, friend, advocate, fundraiser, volunteer, pageant girl, distributor of kindness, peace-seeker, a little wacky, a bit weird, and I try to leave a drop of joy with those I get to meet!

I met Scentsy back in July 2011. Started selling a few months later, and haven't looked back. I LOVE SCENTSY. I love the people I've met, I love the places I have traveled, I love the team that I have, and I love how I've been forced to grow, focus, run a business, and shape my future within this journey. 

Scentsy has so many wonderful and amazing products. And, with Scentsy fundraisers, not only do I get to share my products with new people, I help organizations, PTA's, sports teams, churches, and more earn money while doing so!

So, how can I help you along this Scentsy path? Want to raise money for a group? Need to earn some money for yourself? Love to get FREE products? Like to Sip & Sniff with friends? Whatever your need is with Scentsy, I can help! Send me a text, call, email, or find me somewhere online and I will be happy to satisfy your Scentsy needs!!

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