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Material Evolution, 43150 Broadlands Center Plaza

Suite 152 #166

Ashburn, VA 20148

Phone: (703)651-6396

email: or


The Infancy Stage, Literally

The concept of Material Evolution was initially loosely conceived when I was a toddler. I refused to be styled by anyone but myself, even at a young age. Yes, I had many fashion fails, but it was clear to everyone around me that I had my own style and creativity at a very young age. Around age six, I started sketching garments that I hoped to one day create. I would see pieces in department stores, but I always seemed to have a critique-"lower the neckline, needs a different fabric, change of print," etc. Funny enough, I still have those sketches. However, pre-teen awkwardness and lack of confidence made me shelve my ideas. I continued affording someone else's dream, and trust me, this shopaholic lined many pockets!

Middle Ground

Fast forward to my 20's when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and a slew of complications. I had two ports and picc lines; I had many hospital stays, and many moments where my loss of consciousness considered me on the precipice of death. As I started heading towards remission, I realized I was given a second chance. I didn't dive head first, but I did dip my foot in and started a blog (@closetconfidentialblog). It gave me purpose while being bedridden, and it was one step closer to my dream. My blog allowed me to showcase trends while staying true to my personal flare, and it allowed me to give my followers options on how to style pieces and mix affordable fashion with designer pieces. I wanted women to visualize themselves in looks that made them feel beautiful and themselves. To truly do that, I knew I needed to do more.

What Makes ME, ME

I started Material Evolution (ME), my baby, with the idea of creating a boutique where budget and quality style could coexist. A place where you can evolve and build confidence in yourself and appearance. ME is about each woman's personal evolution, the same evolution fashion gifted me during my lowest times. These products are personally curated-all items I would personally wear and feel very "me." I want it to be that place for you, too. My hope is that the pieces you see here will have that inner voice screaming, "This is so ME!"

Future Plans

As we continue expanding, you can expect to see constant new arrivals, restocks, and even a private label! All realities start with a dream. So, welcome to my dream come true. I appreciate you, your business, and your support of a woman-owned small business.

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