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Contact Information:

General Inquiries
Phone: (703) 737-6010

Phone: (703) 443-6717
Human Resources
Phone: (703) 737-6010


Our goal at Loudoun Medical Group is to provide every patient with quality medical care and personalized service. As one of the largest and most diverse physician-owned, multi-specialty group practices in Virginia, our physicians are linked through sophisticated management and clinical support services. We work collectively to offer better benefits to patients while our central office handles the day-to-day task of operating a medical practice – giving our physicians the time they need to care for patients and improve outcomes.

We began with 13 practice pods in 2000 and have grown exponentially to connect more than half million patients with top local practices in over 120 of locations throughout Loudoun and the surrounding area. By creating centers of care, we can consolidate office visits, facilitate communication between providers, utilize shared medical records and expand in-office services that might otherwise require outside facilities. Integration is our commitment to efficient, patient-centered care.

Why LMG? It’s about time.

You have many choices when it comes to healthcare providers and LMG encourages you to make an informed decision about your primary and specialty care providers.

LMG was founded on the premise that physicians and providers need a work life balance. Too often the doctors who own and operate their own practices find themselves tied up with hiring, payroll and other administrative tasks that take time away from patients and lead to burnout.

LMG handles the administrative services for our independent physicians, midlevel providers and practices. It’s a move that not only streamlines and coordinates care for patients, but one that gives our physicians and providers more time to practice medicine. As LMG has grown, we’ve added incorporated urgent care centers; ancillary services – a dedicated lab, a patient library and a weight loss center – to further support our practices while also benefiting our patients.

Explore our list of providers and specialists. You’ll find top quality doctors who have committed to patient care and are working to make our community healthier, one patient at a time.


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