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Purcellville, VA

Special Offer:
All RLOLC Members are eleigible for a free fitness class aswell as a free wellness evaluation with one of our professionals.


Full Distance is a Physical Therapy & Wellness Center with locations throughout Virginia. Full Distance is a holistic solution for all ages and stages of their wellness journey. We provide access, education, and support to living an active, purposeful, and serene life. At Full Distance, we have a talented group of physical & occupational therapists that use their extensive knowledge, experience, and unique skills to customize their care plan for each client. We also provide group classes in our Purcellville Studio that allow participants to exercise while having fun and building relationships with those in their community. We also offer companion care and care coordination services for families with aging or disabled family members that may benefit from our services. All in all, we are a one-stop shop for those who are looking to embark on their wellness journey. We encourage all of our members to go the Full Distance!


Full Distance has hired some excellent PT staff who come to our home regularly, and stick with me through thick and thin. Shanthi is my Physical Therapist and she has helped me live my best life. She is creative, challenging, and encourages me with her "Yes You Can" philosophy. When illness or anesthesia bumps come, she is able to work with me to strengthen or accommodate so I can continue to enjoy life. Her enthusiasm and sharing encourage a positive attitude. She is an attentive listener and is immediately flexible to meet my multiple needs. Many thanks to my PT, Shanthi!

Colin is very conscious and maintains confidence with me!! My Rotator Cuff in my shoulder after months in his PT care is free from pain!! Now on PT for my ankle that I fractured in 2021.. He knows so many techniques for Therapy!! He knows his job and strives to make me feel better each PT visit!!!! Thanks Colin!!

As primary caretaker for my Mother, who is 91 years old and has some mobility and memory challenges, I am very grateful to receive training and assistance from Ashleigh. She has given me critically important guidance and training, including how best to handle bathing and general issues of self-care. Her rapport with Mom is excellent. Mom always enjoys her time with Ashleigh, whether in person or via Zoom. Ashleigh can also get Mom to do a lot more of the exercises than I can! During this time of isolation, when we are not receiving home visits, I often think of what a disaster this would have been for us if I didn't have the skills that Ashleigh taught me. At first I had no idea what OT was, or what the value of it would be. Now I am very much aware and grateful for it. Continuing the connection through Zoom sessions has been enormously helpful. Thank you Ashleigh!

Colin is great. He is professional and laid back. He will explain what we are doing and why. If my body is not following the 'norm' he will adjust how I stand to work the correct muscles.- I am happy with the work we have done. I can see the improvements.

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