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Purcellville, VA

Special Offer:
All RLOLC Members are eleigible for a free fitness class aswell as a free wellness evaluation with one of our professionals.


Full Distance is a Physical Therapy & Wellness Center with locations throughout Virginia. Full Distance is a holistic solution for all ages and stages of their wellness journey. We provide access, education, and support to living an active, purposeful, and serene life. At Full Distance, we have a talented group of physical & occupational therapists that use their extensive knowledge, experience, and unique skills to customize their care plan for each client. We also provide group classes in our Purcellville Studio that allow participants to exercise while having fun and building relationships with those in their community. We also offer companion care and care coordination services for families with aging or disabled family members that may benefit from our services. All in all, we are a one-stop shop for those who are looking to embark on their wellness journey. We encourage all of our members to go the Full Distance!