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Contact Information:

Maureen St. Germain



Want to host RESTART in your home? Find 4 others to participate and as a thank you for hosting, you can participate for FREE! To learn more about RESTART, a 5 week, education-based nutrition workshop that incorporates a 21-day sugar detox visit


Maureen St. Germain is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). Through her company, Educated Wellness, she focuses on a food-first approach to health and wellness. This encompasses Maureen educating her clients about the importance of eating whole, nutrient-dense foods and incorporating vital lifestyle changes that will improve their health and longevity. Maureen works with clients who are focused on eliminating health concerns such as joint pain, infertility, digestive issues, sleep issues, skin issues, and weight gain…just to name a few!


One on One work testimonial I was so glad to work with Maureen St. Germain to gain a holistic understanding of the role of diet, eating and sleep habits play in my level of energy and overall hormone balance.  

What was extremely helpful was to have Maureen study my individual habits and make very specific recommendations based on this listening and learning.  She had a number of very astute observations that I was able to adjust with incredible results that were felt over about a 6-week period.   I highly recommend working with Maureen.  She is very caring, supportive and knowledgeable about the body and does not take a one size fits all approach.   

I have taken a much stronger interest in diversifying the food I eat as well as understanding the quantity of food my body needs.  In following the intermittent fasting approach I had actually gained weight because my body was in starvation mode and was not getting the appropriate quality and quantity of vitamins and minerals.  I am grateful to Maureen for her support in putting me on a much better path!   -Jennifer

RESTART Testimonial I have suffered with severe chronic pain and stiffness for almost 25 years. I was ultimately diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I've tried several medications over the years which I either could not tolerate or did not help. On the last day of RESTART®, I noticed my pain and stiffness was significantly better. I didn't think that much of it because I do get an occasional "good" day. But I have had 3 "good" days in a row now and that is unheard of for me.

I cannot tell you how life changing this is for me. I've learned to deal with the pain over so many years, but it would break me down periodically. If I feel like I'm 100 when I'm 55, what is it going to feel like when I'm truly old? Shortly before RESTART®, I was in tears again thinking "I've got to go back to the doctor. Maybe there is something new." Well, who knew the "something new" was in my control all along. Thank you so much for this amazing gift. - Kelly

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