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Contact Information:

Phone: 571-241-6465,  Email:,  Address: 788 3rd St. Herndon, VA 20170

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I grew up in Virginia and happily live here today, and I love traveling throughout my state to explore its rich natural beauty. I’ve always enjoyed planning adventures in places like Alaska and Arizona as well, and after years of booking solo trips and family vacations, I realized that I wanted to help everyone enjoy their dream vacation!

I specialize in Alaskan Cruises and Cruisetours and can also work with small group tours, independent travel, and outdoor vacations in the US and abroad. I create truly unique experiences that are personalized exactly to your interests, and I’ll help you travel freely in any destination.

I love the spontaneity of traveling, but I also understand that you need a well-planned itinerary to truly enjoy those unexpected moments. I’ll make sure you can enjoy your trip at your own pace by preparing all flights, transfers, and bookings in advance so you never have to worry about a thing while traveling. With my help, you’ll arrive at your destination with total confidence so you can travel without rushing or missing out on anything important.

I’ll help you balance your itinerary with both activity and leisure, and I’ll make sure you have ample time to see the greatest sights and enjoy all of your desired activities. I’ve created everything from road trips around National Parks to hiking tours and leisurely coastal getaways.

Some of my favorite destinations include:

  • Alaska

  • Jamaica

  • Greece

  • Canada

  • Disney’s Parks and Resorts

  • California

  • Colorado

  • Montana

  • And more!

One of my favorite trips was in Alaska, and it featured stops at Glacier National Park, tours of historic towns and natural monuments, a visit to the Wildlife Conservation Center, plus unforgettable views of wild bears feeding on salmon and the Aurora Borealis.  

I want you to have an unforgettable time on your next vacation. With a lifetime of booking experience plus a strong passion for traveling, I have the tools to make your trip a dream come true!


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