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I am a psychotherapist that has been providing individual, couples and family therapy for over fifteen years.  I will work with you to better understand the challenges and obstacles facing you. Whether you are struggling with issues related to: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Dating, Relationships, Divorce, Life Transitions, Multi-Cultural/Bi-Racial, Women's Issues  or overcoming past traumas and losses, I will help you work through your emotions and give you new techniques for self understanding and self improvement. With greater awareness, we can identify your life goals, change undesirable behaviors, improve relationship patterns, and achieve greater self-acceptance.


I have a passion for working with those who are exploring how to transition from adolescence and teens into young adults and exploring what they may want to do with their lives and how that is reflected in their academic and career choices as well as their relationships while learning how to be an “adult” in a healthy and positive way.


I also provide Coaching services for anyone that just wants one or more sessions to discuss issues that come up in life that places one at a Crossroads or if someone needs a "Reality Check" before making an important decision and would like to discuss or brainstorm with a Professional that can provide some input.


All of your sessions will happen in the confines of a flexible, reliable, non-judgmental therapy setting.

- Master's Degree in Counseling - Johns Hopkins University   -

- Master's Degree in Human Resource Management - Loyola University of Chicago

- Bachelor's of Science in Social Work - University of Wisconsin - Madison 


- Internship and Residency with adolescents and Adults with various psychological disorders/issues

- Fifteen years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC),  in private practice serving teens and adults with a variety of issues related to Relationships/Marriage/Life Transitions/Parenting/Acculturation and Bi-Cultural/Employment/School Related and Teenage Related Issues.

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