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Blikken Hut LLC, owner/manager

Marielle Fontein D'Errico,,

27 S Loudoun Street, Lovettsville VA 20180.

As many are still being impacted by Covid-19, the owners of the quonset hut on South Loudoun Street in Lovettsville Virginia, decided to think outside the box, and have given this quirky, charming ‘tin hut’ a new purpose by turning it into a flexible work and event space. Giving a new meaning to ‘Going Dutch’, the Blikken Hut (Dtuch for Tin Hut) is rapidly
becoming a ‘home away from home’ for small businesses and individuals alike, allowing them to be creative and think outside the box as well, without having to commit to, often expensive, commercial real estate. Inspired by their clients’ feedback, Blikken Hut expanded on the idea of creating a community, and setting up this unique facility as a space for
businesses as well as individuals to rent ‘a-la-carte’ as (co-)work and meeting space, a pop-up store front, gallery, studio, or for small private group events. The fact that you can rent ‘a-la-carte’ a private room, or as needed the complete open floor space for a private group meeting or event, is the perfect fit for the Blikken Hut community
partners’ needs. By keeping it simple, flexible, and welcoming at the same time, Blikken Hut is able to give the co-work business model a unique spin. The hut is able to easily switch from hosting a business meeting by day, to a pop-up zumba dance floor by night, to the perfect space for a micro wedding on the weekend. With access at your convenience to the facility and all its amenities, Blikken Hut is planning to continue to provide its community with a true
‘home away from home’. The Dutch way.


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