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Contact Information:

Location: 10400 Adel Road, Oakton, VA 22124 (Note: All nutrition consultations are provided via Telehealth Secure Portal)

Phone: 571-306-0820



Why I believe food matters ...

In Greek mythology, Aceso was the goddess of bringing healing, of revealing/encouraging the healing process.  The healing journey is all about knowing yourself, your body, and your values.  In learning this you learn what lights you up, gets you moving, inspires you to action most, and what makes you alive on all levels.

The body can be one of our greatest tools in the healing process.

Research is finally starting to validate what many traditional practices have demonstrated through time, that the body is a mirror to what is happen on all other levels of healing.  When we start with the body we are able to tap into imbalances on these other levels.  As we provide tailored nourishment to address these imbalances we begin to see feedback through the alleviation of our symptoms.

Nutrition is the foundation to tapping into that healing process.  Food literally provides the building blocks that get integrated and used to build new cells.  Through the type of nutrition we provide our body we get to direct our cells ... therefore, we direct our health. 

In fact, we even get to direct what DNA markers our cells will turn-on or turn-off.  Research has revealed that only 5% of our genes are set, so we get to direct the other 95%.  A powerful, effective, and efficient way to do this is through nutrition.

Our body communicates through signs and symptoms and we can provide information back to our body through the food we eat.  When we fine tune this information exchange with our body we take back our power to heal ... and the knowing that we can restore health every moment of every day - it is just one bite away!

It's time forget out of your head and into your body!

Arianne Bozarth is a Certified Nutrition Specialist dedicated to helping people get out of their heads and into their bodies to discover their true daily needs of optimal form and function.

Arianne blends her robust background in the fields of cellular molecular biology, genetics, psychology, research science, fusion analysis, and strategy development with nutrition and integrative health to serve her clients in learning how to unlock blocks in their metabolic pathways and optimize epigenetic influences to achieve their perfect body outcomes.  Arianne teaches clients how to create the body-perfect diets for their unique, bio-individual needs.

Arianne lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two kiddos.


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