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Contact Information:

Call or Text 571-293-0811


We are a 100% non-profit Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. This means that all adoption fees, donations, and money raised goes directly to the animals. 

We believe that an animal in need is an animal in need regardless of county, state, or nationality. We will do what we can to help all that we can. 

We were founded in 2018.

A New Day Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from the street, kill shelters and homes which can no longer care for them and giving them the promise of A New Day: loving forever homes! We work with each cat and dog on their journey by providing training, nutrition, health care and other supportive care to ensure that they are at their personal best when they find their forever home.

In addition to rescuing cats and dogs, we actively works to reduce the number of animals who end up in bad situations in the first place. We do this by:

·       teaching people how to properly take care of animals through community outreach and pet owner education programs

·       holding local spay/neuter clinics and providing low cost vaccines or other medical treatments through partnerships with local areas vets

·       helping owners with limited resources take care of their pets by connecting them with local pet food pantries and discounted vet programs


While we based in Northern Virginia, we extend our helping hands across the country and overseas. We believe that a cat or dog in need should be helped regardless of his/her birth place or nationality.

We work to give all of our cats and dogs better lives.

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