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Roxanne Moosher


Winery 32



Why "Winery 32," you may ask?

It's not easy coming up with a good name for a winery.  Then we realized that our property had a little story to tell.  As you drive into Winery 32, you will drive past 32 very large (20 foot diameter) semicircular stone planters.  In full sun, each planter is a perfect location for a lovely peach tree, so we ordered and planted 32 Gloria Peach trees a delicious and hardy variety developed by Rutgers University.  Our vineyard property is 32 acres of prime farm land- perfect for grape growing.  Last, the planting of our grape vines coincided with our 32nd wedding anniversary.  The number 32 is just right.

We hope you will come visit our 32 acres of paradise!
Roxanne and Michael Moosher



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