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Hi, I'm Jennifer!
I'm the photographer and owner behind Supernova Boudoir, one of D.C. and Northern Virginia's premier boudoir and underwater studios. I believe in helping women realize they are not only beautiful but fearless and brave.
As a domestic violence survivor, I believe in feminism and equality for everyone, but especially and including women, and especially women who have suffered from the ravages of domestic abuse, divorce, or simply need their voices to be heard. My clients have ranged from brides to mothers with littles on the spectrum to women who have exited bad relationships. My heart belongs to a world where women don't feel less-than because they've compared themselves to someone in a beauty magazine, or that woman in the yearly Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It belongs to the women who want to celebrate where they are in this moment.

Supernova Boudoir's mission is to empower all women and help them to become fearless and know they are beautiful right now.
My commitment to my clients ensures that you leave your session excited to see your photographs, but more importantly, that you had an epic time with me capturing the essence of who you are at your core.

Boudoir, Underwater