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Shakti specializes in Aerial yoga. The benefits of this practice are manifold. We are also home to Buti Yoga. The owner and visionary of this space is Neelam Kataria. With a rich heritage of Yoga practice from India and classically trained dancer, this studio is her dream of bringing Shiva (Mahayogi: the ultimate yogi and Nataraj: the lord of dance) and Shakti together in one space to provide a unique yogic and wellness experience.

Within each of us lies the feminine divine primordial cosmic energy “Shakti”, that gave birth to the universe. This energy when nourished manifests into power that transforms you mentally physically and spiritually. Dance of Shakti is the dance of the universe, You are here to embark on a journey to nourish your mind, body, soul and awaken your power. Our vision of Shakti introduces you to unique, authentic, traditional yoga and dance practice. The dance of shiva and shakti is as ancient as the creation itself.


Contact Information:

Ph No
571 353 5948



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