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My name is Sara Tessel and I started selling LipSense in 2017 because I fell in love with the product and because I wanted to find something to do for ME. I had just had two back surgeries and needed something to make me feel good about myself while I spent two months recovering. I have a chihuahua mix named Roland (he came with that name!), a fat cat named Nick, and a little girl cat named Princess. I’ve never had much confidence and before LipSense, I NEVER took a selfie and didn’t wear much makeup, especially lipstick. Now I take a selfie almost everyday to show my customers what makeup I’m wearing that day! I rarely go out without LipSense because it has made me feel beautiful and confident! I don’t think you need makeup to be beautiful - but it helped me to finally see my natural beauty and get tons of confidence!

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LipSense by SeneGence


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