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Aneb Valcárcel


Market Partner


My name is Aneb Valcárcel, I am an Army wife, a mom of 2 boys and a girl that loves to help others in any way, shape of form. I started promoting Monat because I am a curly hair girl from the Caribbean and there was nothing that would help define better my curls, control frizz and help my ends to stay and look healthy to help my hair grow. When I find out about this vegan line I was a bit skeptical but fell in love since the first try. When I tell you, you will feel the difference, believe this skeptical curly girl that has tried everything out there. I am the kind of girl that is always available to help a friend out in need of a desperate situation or just share any great deals... I mean who doesn't love a great deal!!! That's how I end up in this business and start sharing the opportunity with everyone. Everyone loves to have a good looking and overall healthy hair. Best thing is that is for the whole family (Mom, Dad, Kids and Pet). All of our products are clinically proven, 100% vegan and most important, we are a cruelty free company. Is the most luxurious anti-aging hair care line formulated to strengthen your scalp, rejuvenate the follicle, stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth

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