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Special Offer: 
$10.00 OFF for new clients + an additional $5.00 off if you are a member of The RLOLC


My name is Marnie and I am originally from Hamilton Square, New Jersey. Growing up "laying out" was an all-day event and a competition of who had darkest tan. Unfortunately, as we all know, that comes with much more than the sun-kissed glow we were going for. Too many of my family/friends have experienced how real skin cancer is and just how dangerous. My goal is to provide the glow without the dangers of sun exposure. It feels great to have a tan, whether it is light/natural/medium/dark/bronze, and that is my goal to have you feel great in adding a little glow to your natural beauty. I have a 13-year-old daughter, Madison (yep, that's where I pulled Mad Sun from!!) - I knew it as soon as the name came out of my mouth. We went through many names, but this is the one that I kept coming back to. My goal, in this studio, is that YOU have a comfortable experience and walk out feeling great. Thanks to Amanda, DJ and family/friends for helping my vision come together!


Marnie is such an incredible person to work with! She makes you feel so comfortable. She’s the ultimate hype girl! The tan was so beautiful and natural looking! Will be back for sure!

Marnie makes you feel so comfortable...before I knew it, I was walking out again-- glowing and more confident than ever! Self-care at it's best!

I still think you don't charge enough, especially now that I see your fantastic paint job! Loving it. Thank you!

Looking like JLo!!

Tan is Great! I was cracking up we I saw the tan line last night

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