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Vanessa Stolarski




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Special Offers:

Get my "More Muscle" at-home fitness program for that lean, cut look we all love. Pair it with my 90-minute Metabolic Reset call for a customized nutrition blueprint designed to restore hormonal balance, gut health & improve adrenal fatigue. $280 first month, $54.99 the following months. (20-week program)


I'm in the business taking care of people who always take care of people! Using my 15 years as a practicing nutrition counselor, stress management specialist & strength coach, I help high-achieving parents & business-owners over 35 who spent most of their lives helping others at the sake of their own self-care. I restore your metabolic health, improve physical fitness & regulate your nervous system with customized fitness & nutrition plans tailored to your goals, lifestyle & schedule. I offer you additional support with stress management strategies using neurolinguistic programming techniques designed to raise emotional IQ, discover your authentic self, reverse past conditioning & breakthrough negative thinking/behavior patterns so you can live your life at full volume. Let someone take care of YOU for once!

"I love the non scale victories like the fact that I now have a main size medium clothes, size 8 jeans and depending on the brand I can fit in small shirts! Thanks a million."
-Connie S.
"This program works.  I've done every diet known to man for years had weight loss surgery and I still didn't understand how food affected my body.  During this program with Vanessa I finally after years and years, got how I fueled my body for what I wanted.   I had been training for a while and just not seeing the results that I thought I should be. I was eating decently and still nothing. But finally realized to get the results I wanted I needed to have the proper percentages of food at the correct times in the day."
-Karen S.
"Having a wellness professional of your caliber take the approach and maintain the attitude you do has been incredibly validating for me as someone who has historically struggled with disordered eating & diet culture. I watched your video about intuitive eating ... I’ve applied it and it curbs the impulse to overeat, and it is helping me eliminate cigarettes. You’re doing really good, important work. Women need this stuff."
-Alisha H.
"Vanessa is a practitioner who cares so much for her clients and it's felt across the screen! She truly helped illuminate blind spots in my beliefs, which led to an even deeper transformation. I am forever grateful for her support and insight."
-Imani K.

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