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Vanessa Stolarski




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Get my "More Muscle" at-home fitness program for that lean, cut look we all love. Pair it with my 90-minute Metabolic Reset call for a customized nutrition blueprint designed to restore hormonal balance, gut health & improve adrenal fatigue. $280 first month, $54.99 the following months. (20-week program)


I'm in the business taking care of people who always take care of people! Using my 15 years as a practicing nutrition counselor, stress management specialist & strength coach, I help high-achieving parents & business-owners over 35 who spent most of their lives helping others at the sake of their own self-care. I restore your metabolic health, improve physical fitness & regulate your nervous system with customized fitness & nutrition plans tailored to your goals, lifestyle & schedule. I offer you additional support with stress management strategies using neurolinguistic programming techniques designed to raise emotional IQ, discover your authentic self, reverse past conditioning & breakthrough negative thinking/behavior patterns so you can live your life at full volume. Let someone take care of YOU for once!