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My name is Lauren Russo and I am a childbirth educator and birth doula serving families in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. area. After serving in the United States Navy for more than 10 years, I transitioned to birth work full time, while also raising five children at home. My passion for birth work is rooted in education because if you don’t know what your options are, you don’t have any. My goal is to support families from conception through birth and the immediate postpartum period.

I teach live, comprehensive childbirth education classes both in-person in Northern Virginia and online, virtually via Zoom to families all over the United States. I support births in-person to families in in Northern Virginia, D.C., and Maryland in hospitals, at birth centers, and in their homes. I hold pregnancy and birth navigation consultations focused on understanding the different models of prenatal and women’s health care, how to choose a prenatal provider, and the creation of individualized birthing preferences. I teach classes on Preparing for Postpartum for parents to ease the transition into motherhood, transitioning from one to 2+ children, and to minimize surprise during a season of life that leaves you incredibly vulnerable.

I have supported more than 135 families through childbirth education and attended more than 70 births of babies into the hands of their mothers. I believe that positive birth experiences are achieved when families feel informed of their options, empowered to make a choice that suits them best, and supported continuously throughout pregnancy and birth. That all starts with childbirth education. Contact me to learn more about how to achieve your most satisfying birth experience with evidence-based education and continuous support.

"Through an instagram search, I found Lauren Russo with Fairfax Birth Care and was drawn to her expansive volume of honest and evidence based material. After talking with her, I knew that she would be someone that would not only stand up for what I wanted but would push me to my full potential. Over the course of 7 months she opened our eyes to so many important topics that significantly influenced the important decisions of not only our birth but our future son’s life. After the childbirth course I was so thankful that Lauren also offered an additional postpartum seminar to help us further prepare for our new life which would be drastically changing. She provided raw and honest feedback on the challenges that each partner may feel and how to best prepare every relationship to avoid failure in such an important and vulnerable time. I know without a doubt that our experience would have been vastly different had we not hired Lauren and taken her classes. She was able to turn something that I had always feared into one of the best and most empowering experiences of my life!"
"I was fortunate enough to take both the childbirth education class and the postpartum class Lauren offers. I promise if you take one, you’ll want to take the other. Lauren has found a way to take the mystery out of childbirth and create confident and prepared parents/support partners. Every class created conversation for me and my husband and we were able to share our new knowledge with our parents and close circle that would be helping us. She has really changed this experience for me and I am so appreciative. I cannot recommend her enough!"
"In early 2021 I found out I was pregnant, I was also moving to a new state. It was scary moving while being pregnant knowing I’d be without my usual resources. I’m so THANKFUL I met Lauren! Having her on my side was invaluable. This was not my first unmedicated birth but it was definitely the better of the two and I have her to thank. This time around I felt SO prepared, informed, and in control. If you want to feel cared for, educated, empowered and be lead to TRUST your body you need Lauren!"
"Hiring Lauren as our doula was the best pregnancy decision my wife and I made. Lauren's support during pregnancy was invaluable. She is always available by phone and text for reassurance and information and her pre-delivery appointments were so helpful. Having Lauren with my wife and I for the delivery of our baby was a game changer. I can 100% say that out birth would not have even been close to our birth plan without her. She helped both my wife and I cope in labor and delivery with different positions, a positive outlook and excellent advocacy to our provider. Our provider said Lauren was the best doula she had ever worked with. After ensuring we had a positive birth experience Lauren was a shoulder to lean on in the early days of parenthood and her postpartum visit brought joy and closure to the process. Overall, I will 100% hire Lauren as our doula for future children and I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for my family."
"I just had my first baby this past month and Lauren was an incredible part of my birth support team. From early on in my pregnancy and through her birth classes, she prepared my husband and I mentally and even physically for the unmedicated birth I strongly desired. She was so supportive and truly listened to my needs and concerns all throughout. Her knowledge and passion to empower women and families throughout pregnancy and birth is top notch. I would have paid triple for the support and care we received from her. My husband said without Laurens education and preparation, he doesn’t believe he would have been able to be the person I needed him to be in my birth space. She empowered me and helped me realize that birth wasn’t something being done to me… it’s something my baby and I were doing together. We are forever grateful for Lauren and would recommend her to absolutely anyone."

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