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Good Morning Parents,

Loudoun County Public Schools are closed today, Thursday, March 12th through Friday, March 20th for rapidly evolving situation with the COVID-19 virus. Drop off will be at 7:30am and pick-up is before 6pm. We will try to keep the kids away from each other and no field trips. Please make sure you pack a lunch and two snacks. Sign up at the front desk to register. 


After School Yearly Members- $20 per day, $90 for the week

After School Month to Month Members- $40 per day, $180 for the week

Evening Members/ Non-Members- $60 per day, $285 for the week

For more questions please contact us at 703-444-5425 or send us email.


Most martial arts schools teach discipline and values. We offer that with the most practical self-defense system available. We offer a system of self-defense that will give you or your child the confidence to stand up for yourself and defend yourself if needed. In our experience, more confidence actually leads to fewer fights because you or your child will no longer be seen as a target. We have the best instructors.

Our instructors are not just teachers, but individuals who have positively impacted their lives through martial arts. Our instructors are dedicated to martial arts and to helping others grow as people through martial arts.

SUMMER CAMP:Enshin Karate Ashburn offers a fun and enrichment filled summer camp program. If you are looking for well-rounded indoor and outdoor camp we offer children a variety of activities through the day to make camp both fun and rewarding! Campers will have computer classes, practice martial arts, enjoy field trips, games, and even technology. Camp days start early (7:30 am) and end later (6:00 pm), giving parents a truly affordable summer camp option! Focus on mind, body, and spirit of your child to enhance wellness, athleticism, calmness and stress reduction. During camp, we will devote time each day to reading and learning computer skills such as Photoshop and iMovie. Children will participate in games that not only focus on physical activity but also improve the child’s ability to work together to improve social skills. This enriching summer camp will give the campers the opportunity to put down their mobile devices and interact with the people and places around them while having fun learning and exercising. Benefits of our Summer Camp program includes: Martial Arts class during each day which help improve focus, concentration and teaches respect and discipline Educational field trips that will keep children engaged as well as a lot of fun Games that will not only be fun but which will also bring lots of movement


Contact information:

703-444-KICK (5425)



21770 Beaumeade Cir., Ste. 125, Ashburn, VA 20147