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DG Textile Care



DG Textile Care is a family-owned and operated business located in Loudoun County, Virginia. 


DG is dedicated to providing superior service at affordable prices. When it comes to cleaning your interior/exterior textiles, you want to use the best product but also know that you are getting the best service. The team at DG are the experts in caring for all your furnishings with the best detail possible. When you choose to call DG Textile Care, not only are you getting professional, honest and dependable service, you know we will be using the highest quality, industry standard products.


Whether you have an Antique, Handmade, or Modern-Day rug, preserving the beauty of your carpeting, textiles and area rugs in your home is important. Proper cleaning is essential to maintaining the integrity and appearance of your home. Carpets trap allergens such as dust and pollen that may come in through your windows and on your pets and shoes. Appropriate and effective cleaning and maintenance are vital to make sure your carpet is able to do its job and still look great. DG Textile Care has developed a six-step process that ensures your carpet is receiving the treatment it deserves. With 25 years of expertise in cleaning High-End fabrics and textiles, DG implements a safe cleaning procedure that produces outstanding results for your upholstery and rugs.


Our desire is to build a company that focuses on the families we serve. DG  strives to offer our professional, skilled services at transparent, affordable prices and with the utmost in

customer care. 


Give us a call to schedule or even if you just have a question. We are here to help you!

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