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My name is Chris Lewis, and I am an independent consultant with Arbonne International.  Arbonne is ahealth and wellness company specializing in skincare, cosmetics and nutritional products.


Arbonne products are pure, safe and beneficial.  They are botanically based, formulated without harmful ingredients, and scientifically tested.  Products are crafted with integrity, expertise and innovation.  They are manufactured responsibly, taking care of the earth at the same time.  


I am a Navy wife, mother of two grown children, and have been an elementary educator for 37 years. I found Arbonne when looking for something that worked to even out my skin tone and get rid of my dark spots.  I loved the products and then loved the business even more.  The culture of the company is aligned with my values; and all the people I’ve met through Arbonne  --clients, other business owners and fellow consultants, have truly been a blessing.


Contact Information:

Chris Lewis


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