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$5 off your first tanning session

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I am a transplant to the Northern Virginia area via Tennessee. A large part of my lifestyle involved basking in the sun just hoping I could combat the ghost legs I was currently rocking. However, I was not the lucky gal who got that brown sun-kissed glow. I burnt and waited for that to turn into a tan. (I know. That's not how it actually works). A lot of my friends were dealing with skin damage and skin cancer treatments. Thus began my quest for a quick, easy and more importantly a healthy way to obtain a beautiful tan. I've tried the lotions. I've tried the spray beds. Both of which left me with that "orange" glow. (Yuck!) And one night during my diligent Facebook browsing, I came across BronzedBerry. It boasted about being an all organic solution with a customized application, that left you with the perfect tan. So I tried it out. After my first session, I was hooked! My tan came out perfect and natural looking! While eliminating one of the cancers I could possibly get, I ran with this new idea. Not only do I use it, I provide a service to help others like me. Now I am telling everyone about this great product for tanning!


Remember it not only provides a tan but it can give you an even look for any skin tone. So check out my hours and let me provide you with the confidence a great tan can give!


Contact Information:

Meredith Diaz

Tanning Artist

(202) 750-1157


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