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Contact Information:

Katrina Shalin



Beautycounter is a clean beauty leader and is a change-maker brand! It is leading the way to a future of clean, where we won’t have to worry if what we are using is safe for us. It has gone above and beyond when it comes to prohibiting toxic ingredients - some found in their Never List. Beautycounter wants to get clean products into everyone’s hands. This company is all about advocating for better beauty laws, educating consumers and the public, and being transparent about the ingredients they use (sourcing, testing, etc). They strive to be better for the planet, as well as the people and, are constantly aiming to improve. I have absolutely fallen in love with the company and its high-performing products! If you’re like me, a better, cleaner, and safer brand is definitely the way to go. Every little thing you can do to take care of yourself, you should do it!


A little about me - Aside from being a Beautycounter consultant, I am a mom of 3, a figure skating coach!

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